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Dutch Council for Refugees (Netherlands)

Dutch Council for Refugees (Netherlands)

Surinameplein 122
1058 GV Amsterdam

Tél : 020 346 72 00

Fax : 020 617 81 55

E-mail : info@vluchtelingenwe


Dutch Council for Refugees (Netherlands)

Country : Netherlands

The Dutch Council for Refugees is an independent, non-governmental organisation, founded in 1979. With more than 7.000 volunteers and 600 paid employees we offer refugees practical support during their asylum procedure and we help them rebuild their lives in the Netherlands. With one National Office, 14 regional offices, and 310 local branches we are active in 90% of all local council districts.

The Dutch Council for Refugees fights for the rights of refugees in the Netherlands. We assist refugees during their asylum procedure and their integration in the Dutch society and stand for a good asylum and integration policy. We provide members of Parliament with information concerning refugee issues and policy, and have an active lobby for refugee rights. We also give information and advice to asylum lawyers and develop various projects to promote the integration of refugees in the Netherlands. In addition, we are committed to increasing public support for refugees.

More and more, decisions in the European Union have influence on the asylum and integration policy in the individual European countries. That is why we also concentrate on the European asylum policy. We are member of ECRE, the European Council on Refugees and Exiles, which is the European umbrella organization of NGO's which focus on refugee issues.
We also support refugee organizations in countries on the European borders. We share knowledge, experience and expertise with these organisations. We do this by giving advice, training courses and workshops about such issues as lobbying, collaboration with the government, legal aid, and working with volunteers. Consequently these organisations are able to improve the support given to refugees and asylum seekers in their own countries.

Grants and subsidies make our work possible. For example, we receive subsidies for our work from the Ministry of Housing, Neighbourhoods, and Integration, the Ministry of Justice, and the Ministry for Social Affairs and Employment. The People's Postcode Lottery also contributes funding: in 2009 the Council for Refugees received funding totalling € 10 million from the Postcode Lottery. Furthermore, we also receive financial support from more than 42,000 donors. Together they provide a very appreciated and essential contribution.

Published 22 September 2010 at 16h45